Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Dear readers, fellow authors, and friends
Many of you have followed my career as a novelist. You have experienced my creativity through the written word.  My writing has taken a back seat to inventing — another application to my creativity.  Novels and screenplays are entertainment.  My inventions are life changing.  I’ve developed the path toward curing major maladies to healthy living and to very green ‘off grid’ energy.
Just suppose you could wake up every morning — turn on a machine I invented, place a mask over you nose and mouth and breathe deeply for ten minutes.  Then repeat the process in the afternoon or evening.  If you had one of these units, you could cure cancer, heart conditions, strokes, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, ED, MS, STD’s and a host of minor ailments and conditions. Oh, yeah… it’s also an anti aging system.  It’s proven, accepted by many, and touted as the next wave in medicine.  NOTE: it’s real and it’s for sale.  Contact me for details.

What if -- you could attach a device to your water faucet or other source of water and generate electricity — 12 volt or 24 volt.  This device will charge a battery or series of batteries which if one has an inverter could run your appliances, lights, ozone generator and maybe even charge the batteries of your electric car or scooter.  What if this same unit produced compressed air — enough to inflate your tires, or run a pneumatic tool set. What if it cooled your house? Everything mentioned above without burning fossil fuels — quiet and ‘green’— personified.
Consider that these units will come in various sizes. 
The smallest, about the size of a microwave oven, charges cell phones, radios, provides emergency lighting, and may power your refrigerator — just a basic ‘brown-out’ unit. 
The second size is the size of a refrigerator and will power an entire household; including the charging of your electric scooter batteries — ostensibly keeping your home ‘off the grid’.
The third size resembles a railroad boxcar and will serve the electrical needs of an entire neighborhood or large business.

NOTE:  The science is proven.  It’s real.  However, the units are not yet available for sale.
That’s what I’ve been doing, folks.  That’s why no new novels for a couple of years… Contact me for further details.
Robert Hatting

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