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Sunday, August 28, 2016

SENILITY VERSUS VIRILITY! Men in their 70’s & 80’s

This is my tide pump.  It uses the forces of tides to pump water seawater
to heights in excess of five hundred feet.  Installed correctly, it will generate
enough electricity (free) to support entire communities. The Philippines
 and Panama could use this to supply their entire country with power
using only the free energy of the Pacific Ocean.

Many years ago, I was told by an old friend that when a man reaches the age of seventy he is just beginning to bloom — mentally. Unfortunately, most people will not take the man seriously unless he is of some prominence. My friend also told me that when a man reaches eighty he is considered a burden on society. Most regard octogenarians as non-entities. Governments, world-wide do not look at the elderly with compassion or understanding.

My friend is gone now, he died alone in his nineties. He left behind a legacy of unrewarded creations that are finally coming to light and touted as ‘genius’. Unfortunately, only a few people know his ideas and creations were stolen by the same people who scorned him in his later years — his family!

I’VE REACHED THAT INSIGNIFICANT AGE!! So here’s what I’m going to do to make sure a few more folks know the truth before I pass on. I’ll post it on my blog and on Facebook.

  • My twenty plus novels speak for themselves — same with my screenplays. They are all copyrighted and I own one-hundred percent of the rights. I doubt someone will have the temerity to pose as yours truly to steal my minuscule royalties, but one never knows.
  • Several thousand people in the world have been cured of serious maladies like cancer, heart disease, strokes, and a host of other ailments — using the special two stage ozone generator I developed. The protocols for therapy with my systems are somewhat unique but in no way are they able to be protected as intellectual properties.
  • My ozone inventions have been guarded but not patented. (Experience has taught me that attempting to protect my intellectual property — actually presents my ideas to the world and they are maliciously copied by unscrupulous companies in communist nations with whom the western world does business.)I suspect there are some who are reverse engineering my creation in order to determine how the crystal modulator works. I don’t care. My Breathing Apparatus, however is a game changer. I guard the secrets and assemble each one personally.
  • I recently discovered a way to make my medical grade ozone generator portable by converting the power supply to twelve volt. This opens the door to a host of other users — veterinary science and sports medicine to name just two. The future for this product is beyond my scope of imagination.
  • Other inventions I’m working on are less technical and have a broader reach. Most are alternative energy related. Brown Out Box, Air extractor, tide pump to name a few. The science is already proven — the prototypes are in the engineering stage and scheduled to be built as funds become available.

Okay, that’s my contribution… Compared to others, like the technological giants, my creations appear insignificant. After all, I am over seventy.
Just remember, however, there are guys like my friend, Malcolm Henderson who is about to turn eighty-three. He’s running a farm — off the grid in a remote section of Panama. He’s taking organic farming to an entirely different level. He has developed agriculture protocols that can help feed the world. He is NOT insignificant! Nor are others who have chosen to pass over the ‘sit and watch retirement’. My friend Billy Egli has written seventy-five books. At the prime age of seventy-two, he chose to form his own publishing company. I’m confident he will adjust the industry in Europe. He’s not a ‘sit and watch’ kind of man.
So, if you are over seventy, tell me want you are doing — not what you’ve done.


  1. Hi Robert,

    I am 75 and have been living in the Philippines now for 6 years now. I am currently writing computer software, but have an all around electronics and physics background.

    Well that and eight years on construction sites starting when I was 12 years old as a cleanup boy ending up swinging a hammer with undocumented Mexicans in Houston on my way to getting a PhD in theoretical physics.

    I have an idea I want to toss at you about your tidal pump. ping me.

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