Sunday, June 16, 2013


My 12th e-book novel has been published.  I’m a bit apprehensive about the reception because it is SOOOOO different than what I normally write.  TRES PIEDRAS was written in the first person and it has an adult theme.  It’s also a novella. (44,000 words)I normally write novels – 60k to 140k.

 I want to thank my beta readers, (unnamed), my editor, Melissa Gray, and my formatter, Steve Caresser. In addition and advance I wish to thank the dozen loyal readers to whom I’ve gifted this novel.  Perhaps I’ll receive a couple of positive reviews.    


An action adventure love story?  With an adult theme?  This is a first from Author Robert Hatting.

Join Willis, Curly, Gladys and Cecilia and a cast of zany characters in a believable but remarkably poignant story.  From the cold winters of Central Oregon to the tropics of Costa Rica, Willis Mathews seeks high adventure but finds a challenge in another form; an intelligent woman with a ‘Code of the West’ mind set.  She puts Willis out of focus; he’s not sure he’s ‘scratching his watch or winding his ass’ half the time. 

Piloting a fifty-four-foot fishing boat from Oregon to Panama is challenging enough but Cecilia’s character and intelligence keeps him on his toes.  Encounters with drug dealers, interdiction forces, inclement weather and the proverbial pirates keep the action high in this action-adventure love story.

I laughed at my friend. “I have small belief he will do more than fart in the wind. His threats are hollow. Remember him in high school? He never followed through with any of his threats. He’s always been the bully, but we both know a hard boiled egg is yellow in the core!” I proclaimed.

“What’s with the cowboy witticism and slang? This divorce knock you back to the tenth grade?” Curly asked sarcastically.

I thought for a minute before I answered. I knew this was a day of reckoning for me, and perhaps for Simms, too. I had a plan. Broad brush -- yet a plan nonetheless. I’d hatched it over a year prior, and it had consumed my subconscious. Now it was time to act.

“I’m acting crazy because I’m going to tell you my new plan, and you’re going to call me crazy,” I muttered as we approached Tumalo, headed for Sisters.

“Swell, just what I need. Another one of your plans. Oh, and by the way, Willis, I don’t need a plan to call you crazy.”

“Remember when I told you about swapping the Alaska power troll permit and my pick-up for the other half interest in BOTTOM FEEDER?”

“Yeah, good plan. Now you have a hole in the water in which to dump the balance of your assets,” Simms remarked sarcastically.

 “I want to drive that old boat to Panama. That’s gonna be my new home. I want you to come along.”

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