Friday, June 14, 2013


Father’s day has never been a day of celebration for me since my dad passed away.  That happened in October of 1973. He was 59.

My dad was an adventurer but he was also a solid human being.  His character is the benchmark on which I judge myself and other people. Since I use a lot of his old photos for my book covers, I’ve changed my tune about Father’s day.  I want to CELEBRATE the time I had with my dad.

TO HONOR AND APPRECIATE the memory of Wayne W. Hatting, I’ve decided to offer my bestselling novel, ALASKA BE DAMNED, to everyone for FREE. The cover of ABD is crafted from a photo taken by him in 1956.  It was originally a 35mm slide.  My brother, Bill, converted it to a print and was able to scan it into a digital format.

FOR 24 HOURS starting Saturday, June 15th, ALASKA BE DAMNED is available for FREE, GRATIS, NADA, ZIP!!!

Give your dad ALASKA BE DAMNED for father’s day.  140,000 words of action-adventure (grounded in reality) set in the ‘Last Frontier.’  I’m confident he will enjoy the novel more than he will a tie, a coffee mug, or a sappy card from Hallmark. Trust me!

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