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I have recently embarked on a promotional campaign that includes offering some of my novels FREE for a limited time.  I work with AMAZON and several contact blogs to reach a broader audience. One of the deciding factors for these specialty blog sites is a novel's reviews.  Bad reviews = no inclusion.  PERIOD! END OF STORY! 

I have a novel that was poorly edited before it was published. (ExPat) It has since gone through a major an editing-formatting process.  I didn’t realize it was so bad until my current editor went to work on the typos and misspellings. I believe the other proofreader and editor were so immersed in the story and forgot their mission. (Authors seldom see their mistakes; it’s almost impossible.  That’s why Editors and proofreaders have a job!).

Well, the end of this story is:  Some woman, (Mary from Colorado) issued a negative review of the novel and gave it 2 stars.  ExPat
I have read over 70 books on my Kindle and this is the first time I have encountered an extreme amount of punctuation errors/grammatical errors/misspelled words. The publisher forgot to hire a proof writer.

Published 10 months ago by mary from CO

It’s evident that this IGNORANT HIDE who posted this review just had to lash out at someone. (Her bad hair day has hurt me for almost a year and will continue to do so.) The PUBLISHER forgot to hire a PROOFWRITER? What’s a proofwriter?  Look at the time frame -- 10 months ago. This review still haunts me because I can’t control what gets posted through AMAZON.  There is no recourse and because of this, the novel doesn’t sell well.  It was even difficult to give away as because most of the ‘spread the word’ blogs won’t touch something with a 2. I’ve chatted with several authors who have had the same experience.  The bad marks don’t go away.  It’s like having a “D” on your report card when you were a freshman in High School.

As an author, I read a lot.  I go through three to five books a week.  If I like what I read, I post a positive review and give the author five stars.  If I don’t, I just quietly close the story and move on. I WOULD NEVER DOWNGRADE A NOVEL BECAUSE OF THE TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS or other proofreader problems. Also, I’m not going to write some Romance author and tell her that her hero, the six foot two inch bull rider, is about as rare as teeth on a chicken.  My observation is based on personal knowledge of the rodeo world; as a competitor. There are no tall bull riders. Sharing that in a review which can be read by EVERYONE IN THE WORLD would just be mean. The fact that her imaginary character is not accurate to the sport should not take away from the ROMANCE NOVEL. The odds of anyone familiar to the sport reading a romance novel are similar to those hen’s teeth I mentioned.     

If you’re an author – you’ve had these experiences.  If you’re a reader -- take note. IF YOU'RE MARY FROM COLORADO – I'm sorry you're so stupid...really I am, dear.




5.0 out of 5 stars Loved this thriller!, June 1, 2013


This review is from: Murder In Panama (Kindle Edition)

Such a fast moving, action filled story!
It gripped me from the very beginning, caught me with delightful characters and their adventures. Hart and Coreen had my sympathy from the start, not losing it through the story, not even for a moment.

The exotic setting was a pleasure, making me want to visit Panama badly. This book is a must read for those who want to learn more about this country, while enjoying a good story. If you have a ticket for a plane heading to Central America, grab this book and read it while in the air. You will not regret it and the hours of the flight will pass quickly.

The premise of the book was very interesting, and I heard that it might have been based on real scientific conclusions.

All in all a highly recommended read!


Action Packed Contemporary Cowboy Adventure, June 13, 2013


Clara B. Ray (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) - See all my reviews

This review is from: UNTAMED (Kindle Edition)

What a treat to read a contemporary western themed book-- that didn't lose any 'cowboy' flavor in a more urban setting! There were horses and cowboys, of course, but there were also political & romantic themes, car chases and modern day law enforcement. The characters, plot & scenes were all realistic & poignant. For those readers who love a western theme, I say this is a must read.

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On the Highwire, May 28, 2013


Lee (London UK) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The Last Fruit Stand on Guam (Kindle Edition)

Literature is like a rope entwined with different shades of twine and it takes some skill to weave the genres into one solid length strong enough to carry the reader through more than 100,000 words. With elements of a disaster movie, a thriller, a character piece, some love scenes that walk the highwire between the erotic and outright bawdy, Robert Hatting in "Last Fruit Stand on Guam" tied me to the page and dragged me hurtling through his face-paced narrative.

I have never been to Guam, but if it is now on my TBV - to be visited list. He creates a cast of eccentric characters, puts them in dark situations and we gasp with amazement as they wriggle their way through them. Comedy scenes alone would not sustain the plot, but Hatting provides enough intrigues and cliff-hangers to keep you glued in what is finally a compelling and very entertaining read.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Crystal Cowboy, May 10, 2011


Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Crystal Cowboy (Kindle Edition)

I enjoyed reading this book from cover to cover. It opened my eyes as to what really goes on behind the scenes of a rodeo. The author has a wonderful imaginative mind and keeps up the interest of the story throughout. I loved Crystal Cowboy and look forward to reading all of his books.

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Equal parts action adventure, romance and intrigue!, December 23, 2011


Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: ExPat (Kindle Edition)

I'm not quite sure how to categorize ExPat by Robert Hatting. It starts off with a bang, that's for sure, and the first part of the story takes place in and around Arizona, so I thought...a modern day western. Then Hatting changed it up and tossed in some good romantic moments. Then it was on to the noir-ish bits; shady guys with odd names, travel to lush locations in Mexico, kidnapping, mistaken identity, lovely ladies, theft and murder, not necessarily in that order. Shades of Dashiell Hammett. (If you've read any of my other reviews I seem to have a penchant for comparing writers. Hope this doesn't get under anyone's skin).

So what does this all mean exactly? I liked ExPat. Equal parts action adventure, romance, and intrigue with a neat, twisty plot. Now if that doesn't get your interest piqued...I fear there is no hope for you as a reader. 5 stars.



5.0 out of 5 stars Electrically Charged Adventure, June 19, 2013


Lee (London UK) - See all my reviews

This review is from: TRES PIEDRAS (Kindle Edition)

On this is my second dip into the Hatting oeuvre, I was both surprised and suddenly pleased that with his gift for keeping readers on the edge of their seat with lashings of adrenaline-filled adventure, he weaves into "Tres Piedras" an electric coil of love that is both emotionally-charged and very real.

Willis thrives on danger and meets the yin to his yang in the sparkling femme fatale Cecilia, who rides the big waves with him on a fishing boat out of Oregon heading south to the narcotic-trafficking, trigger-happy cop infested waters of Panama. They get into scrapes as fast as they get out of them, but that just fuels the bed action, deliciously described and with the same sense of danger running through the journey.

With his eye for eccentric characters and neat plot twists, you get a feeling as you turn the pages that execs in their Hollywood glass offices will be making a phone call when the book crosses their desk. With news in the air that a new canal may be built in Panama, and a rival waterway through the pristine jungles of Nicaragua, this is an opportune time to take readers on a journey into the Caribbean.


5.0 out of 5 stars Romance, action, exotic setting - it's all there!, June 16, 2013


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