Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pubic for the Nookie!

Around five yesterday morning I was able to upload my novel, ALASKA BE DAMNED to Barnes and Noble’s Pubit -- e-book format for the Nook. It was a very user friendly experience until I reached the point where one uploads the Book cover. The cover I chose for my original publication on Amazon’s Kindle would not upload. I want the Novel to have the same look and the price. Apples vs Apples. Evidently, the digital image has to be at least two thousand pixels along one side. I assume this requirement is for the color process on the Nook.

Soooo, my novel, Alaska be Damned, which is showing promise on Kindle, is residing in the bowels of the Barnes and Noble digital platform without a cover. It’s for sale…for those of you who use a Nook.

The cover, of ABD, seen here on my blog , was created from a photo taken by my father in 1956…right here in Panama. My brother scanned an old 35mm slide to create a digital image. I called him last night to see if he could find the slide and rescan it in a denser format. Perhaps this will work. Stay tuned….


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