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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazon Kindle versus Barnes and Noble Pubit

The difference between Kindle publishing and Pubit publishing is like night and day – correction more like a cold arctic night and a warm tropical day. A lot of words to say that there is an enormous difference between the two e-book publishers. All in the favor of Amazon’s Kindle. I’ve used both and tend to agree with a statement made by another e-book author. “In a couple of years, Amazon will sell 85% of all e-books.”
The attitude toward authors that prevails in the BIG BOX book stores, like B&N and Borders is contra to the source that keeps them in business. They have no respect for Authors or Publishers. This lack of respect has carried over to their e-book business as well. I suspect the BIG BOX bookstore has outlived their time; soon to be replaced by a JIFFY LUBE and a Kindle.

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