Friday, January 14, 2011

Kindle Komments …for the Kindle Klub

Kindle Browser:

I had an internet outage last week. My modem was bad. It took two days for the Cable and Wireless technicians to respond. (Actually, that’s good service in Panama, folks!) I was at a loss and frustrated because I was in a transaction with a client from Costa Rica and really needed to let him know I wasn’t ignoring the deal. Then I remembered my KINDLE 3G. The browser put me back on-line. It was a deal saver.

Kindle MP3:

I’m still experimenting with the MP3 feature. I downloaded a few songs to my computer and then was able to easily transfer them to the Kindle. I can’t tell you how kool it is to sit in a car waiting for someone, reading a novel and listening to music…

Kindle Battery:

It still surprises me how long a charge lasts on my Kindle 3g. A very thrift appliance!

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