Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year -- 2011

Many resolutions will be made in the next few weeks. It seems silly to put off promises to one’s self until the first of every year but that seems to be the norm. My personal resolves were made earlier in the year. I worked hard to find a publisher for all my unpublished novels. I was able to publish all five of them on Amazon Kindle. In tandem I was promoting the six screenplays that are finished. Three of them are in the hands of a producer at this posting. Will they sell? Who knows? I hope I live long enough to get an answer. Currently, I have two novels in process; ExPat, a romantic caper novel is almost finished. Half-Breed, a period western is at least a third complete.

What should I change for next year? Not much. I’m probably going to continue down the same path; writing books and screenplays, doing deals, and working for the betterment of the kids and staff at Nutre Hogar. How the priorities shake out will be a daily decision.

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Happy New Year!


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