Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is the time of year I assess my life. Some call it goal setting or resolutions. In the course of this years life assessment, I realized much of my time has been wasted on Facebook -- untangling the crap that seems to build on my site. I'm tired of getting virtural donkey turds or snowballs hurled at me from people I barely know. Or worse yet, invitations to join some promotion, game or causes that aren't remotely intelligent. So, I QUIT!
E-mail is a real boon to my life because of my location in the world. Instead of the mindless drag and click to send a virtual rose, I intend to actually write to my friends and family. That's right. Writing a missive; staying in touch in a personal manner. Oh, sure, I'll still forward the jokes and such, but you won't see any posts from me on virtual unreality.
Bob 12/31/2009

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