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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Almost 6 months since my last post -- my how time flies. Time to reassess my life. I suffered under the dilusion that I could write my way to fame and fortune. Having a couple of books published and one screenplay optioned is NOT a sterling career. It's really a lame attempt! So, I have decided to abandon the writing in order to get my financial house in order. I HATE BEING BROKE! Enough grieving over my last business loss.
My partner (Chris Smoot) and I have launched a new company here in Panama, called Isthmus Vessels & Equipment. I think we should be called Isthmus Traders, because we are delving into a lot more than just boats for sale. We currently have a dozen boats, 4 bussiness opportunities listed as well as some restaurant equipment, a couple of Panamanian Corporations, a classic vehicle and an ozone generator. We make our products and services known by publishing a flyer. We have them strategically placed all over Chiriqui and Panama City. We are about to embark on a plan to publish 4 pages and circulate it like a shopper. We will sell advertising to sponsor the printing. A very select sponsorship. One that doesn't sell products, but services. Phase 2 of the 4 page (photo trader type) periodical will be to have it translated into spanish and begin distribution into the core of Panama.
Stay tuned and look for our posters.

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