Thursday, November 26, 2009

Writing Inventory

As the year 2009 winds down, I've taken stock of my writing inventory. My goals for 2010 is to market some, if not all of my finished invemtory. Currently I'm editing - changing - and polishing the screenplay, EMPTY KAYAK. This should be complete in another week. That gives me a total of Six (6) screenplays and five (5) full length novels to sell. A sixth novel is almost complete. I could finish the first draft in a couple of weeks but I'll delay that task until after something sells. Being creative is fun but if nothing is generating income, this is just a hobby. I have story boards and outlines for two more screenplays and one more novel. In addition, I have started screenplays on two of my novels. I'm going to set those creative projects aside for three months. Perhaps with a full court press during the first quarter of 2010, I can generate some income.

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