Sunday, November 22, 2009

Racism In Reverse

Seldom do I delve into politics or religion; a sure way to alienate friends and even family. However, I recently forwarded a joke to several of my friends via the Internet. The joke wasn't racist but appeared to be anti-Obama. Immediately, I received several e-mails that castigated me for being racist. What a crock!! No one who really knows me would accuse me of being racist.
Why is it that if one questions the current President they are automatically accused of being racist? Is that the only card the administration is able to play? What happened to justifying a position based on facts? Why can't the citizens of the United States of America poke fun at their elected officials? It appears that if we question their decisions, we're racists.
Well,since I have the name -- I may as well play the game. Here's some WHYS?

WHY #1 --Shortly before Obama and family went off on a ten day vacation to Martha's Vinyard, it was announced that Social Security recepients would not receive a COLA for at least two years? That ten day vacation cost the taxpayers over twenty million dollars. Why freeze the COLA and then spend like a drunken sailor?
WHY #2 -- Camp David is the designated Presidential get-away. Taxpayer dollars support this retreat that is constantly staffed. So, if one factors in the cost of Camp David, that ten day vacation to Martha's Vinyard cost the taxpayes even more. Why not use the existing infrastructure?
WHY # 3 -- A fourth grader can do this math. If the goverment keeps printing money, making it less valuable, and the government freezes the COLA for two years, the Social Security recipients actually have much less buying power. Why chastize the elderly?

Okay,I've asked three questions; none are racist. I'm curious to see the responses.

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