Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reviving Knowledge

CATTLE BRANDS have been around for ages.  Since westerns have fallen out of favor over the last 30 years, many people of the younger set are not aware of the significance of brands.

I write in many genres.  One which I enjoy from time to time is period westerns.  I’ve written six… published 2.  One which I published a couple of years ago received a marked down rating from a reader citing poor proofreading.    I was surprised because that novel had been edited twice.  So, off it went to Melissa Gray. She is editing it as I write.   She is without a doubt the final word in editing among us Indie authors.  (Much more about her later).  Anyway, today she contacted me about how a brand was described in my novel.  She knew about brands but didn’t know about the terminology.  In this case it was the MR connected.  It’s difficult to describe without being able to draw.  (the right Up and Down of the M is connected to the only Up and Down of the R). See what I mean?  So I researched the internet and found some illustrations. 

I wanted to lift a portion (with permission) from a company that sells western items to kids but unfortunately my blog template won’t display the drawings. 

 Thanks for the permission to use, John Craighead. BTW, John, your explanation is very well written.  Although it’s meant to edify children, many readers of today need this knowledge presented in its basic form.  Yours is excellent!


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