Thursday, October 31, 2013


As of today, October 31, 2013, all of my novels have cycled out of Amazon’s KDP select.  I have re-enrolled one specific Novel – MURDER IN PANAMA.   The reason?  Simple -- It’s the first novel in a trilogy.  I’d like to be able to offer it for free from time to time. The other two novels in the series have had their prices lowered to $2.99.  My two LARGE novels are being priced at $4.99 each -- both 5 star reads of over 100,000 words.

The only other novels I plan on re-enrolling in the KDP freebie program are SHOOTER, my latest novel, and HALF-BREED, one of my period westerns.  The novel I am currently writing is the final book of the Curtis & RC series; UNTAMED & PARTNERS, being the first two of what will soon be a trilogy.  Once TRUST ME is published, perhaps I will enroll UNTAMED into the freebie program as well.

ALL MY NOVELS are being reduced in price.  Most carry a sticker price of $2.99.  The LARGE novels are $4.99.  The volumes remain the same.  All the other novels in my inventory are priced at $2.99. Do not expect any 99 cent sales from this author.  I refuse to discount my creative efforts to the price of a package of gum or a condom. 

Three (3) novels will be enrolled in the Freebie program; MURDER IN PANAMA, HALF-BREED, & SHOOTER.  You will see me promote these from time to time on a limited basis. 

Now, here is the BIG POLICY CHANGE! Most of my promotions will be tied to this blog.  If YOU ARE A MEMBER, send me an e-mail and you will receive a gift certificate for any of my novels.  Details forthcoming in a future blog – basically you may be gifted (or designate) to whom I gift the novel(s). (this offer for full fledge members, not just readers)

One of the advantages of being an indie author/publisher is that I get to decide. Failures or successes are hinged on my decisions – not others. The only real commitment I’ve made is the enrollment of three novels into the KDP program.  That decision in undoable for 90 days.  All else remains in flux…

Some of my work will begin appearing in other retail sites.  I’m also looking into purchasing my own bookstore site to take the middleman out of the picture. Also, I will soon be offering a very unique product – a novel and the adapted screenplay as one package.  There will be six (6) offerings in total.

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