Monday, September 9, 2013


A dear friend of mine just returned from a six week vacation in the states.  As usual, she returned with goodies one can’t acquire here in Panama.  For me it was lids for the wide mouth canning jars and peppermint oil.

We spent the other day catching up. She described in detail all the food she expressly sought, where she visited and the activities in which she participated.  Then she mentioned the food again.

I have other friends who left last week.  The husband of the couple is going to visit his family. His wife has a different agenda.  She e-mailed it to me a week before they left.  

**** FOOD WE WANT WHEN WE GO BACK TO USA!! in no particular order ****

  1. TacoBell
    1. Stephany - only beef & cheese tacos w/Hot & Mild Sauces...Cheesy Nachos...Chicken Quesadilla...Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes...Cinna Twists
    2. Stephen- Supreme Nachos
  2. Chili's
  3. Cuban restaurant (miami/atlanta)
  4. Puerto Rican (Cuti's) - moro w/pernil (pork)
  5. Cheesecake Factory
  6. Nathan's Hot Dog(@Airport)
    1. hot dog w/cheese & fries combo (light ice on drinks, since no refills)
  7. Dominican food
    1. breakfast - mangu, salchichon, queso frito, scrambled eggs, and passion fruit juice to drink
    2. lunch - sancocho de habichuela
    3. snacks - morir sonando/habichuela con dulce
  8. Ruby Tuesday (**USE BUY 1 GET 1 FREE COUPONS**)
  9. Chipotle Mexican Grill
  10. Bahama Breeze
  11. Five Guys
  12. Buffalo Wild Wings
  13. Rally's or Checkers
    1. French Fries & Strawberry Milkshake
  14. NY Pizza in NYC or NY Pizza from Pizza City off pleasantburg rd
    1. Xtra Chz Lg Pizza
  15. Arby's
  16. McDonald's
    1. Caramel Frappe
  17. Carrabba's
    1. Pasta Carrabba w/no mushrooms
    2. Chicken Marsala
    3. Lentil & Sausage soup (appetizer for two)
  18. Wendy's chicken sandwich w/cheese, no tomatoes
    1. ask for french fries with no salt & then add my own salt (wendy's uses sea salt)
  19. Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Cookies (buy @ publix or walmart)
  20. Sonic limeade w/extra cherries
  21. Publix vanilla cupcakes (for Stephany only)
  22. Long John Silvers (for Stephen only)
  23.  Staxs Omega
    1. breakfast
  24. Dennys
    1. breakfast
  25. Cracker Barrel
    1. Breakfast
  26. Cici’s Pizza Buffet
  27. Ryan’s
  28. Uncle Poon’s Chinese restaurant
    1. Pork Fried Rice, no onions, add bean sprouts
    2. Crunchy Noodles
    3. Fried Chicken Wings
  29. McAlister’s Deli
    1. Loaded spuds
    2. Iced Tea
  30.  Moe’s
  31. Cook-Out
  32. MexicoLindo (Spartanburg)
    1. Stephen – speedy Gonzalez combo w/coca cola
    2. Stephany – grilled chicken quesadilla w/lemonade
    3. Queso dip
  33.  Bruster’s Ice Cream
  34. Sugar n Spice
    1. Souvlaki (greek)
  35. QuickTrip (QT)
    1. 50 cent icecream
    2. Drinks/Slushee
    3. Donuts, after 3pm freshly made from that morning go down to 50cents
  36.  Haywood Mall
    1. Thai food – mango chicken & lomein
    2. Japanese teriyaki
  37. Filipino food
    1. Lumpia
  38. Cinnabon
  39. Dunkin Donuts
  40. Starbucks
  41.  Hardees
    1. Biscuits
  42. Jack In the Box
  43.  Chick- Fil-A
    1. Breakfast, lunch
  44. Salvadorian food
    1. Popusas – meat,beans, and cheese
  45. Movie theatre – Hollywood 20
    1. Popcorn w/melted butter (refillable), nachos w/cheese, xtra napkins, raisinets, skittles, xlg drink (w/refills)
  46.  Outback Steakhouse
    1. Alice Springs Chicken
  47. Target – popcorn $1.00


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