Thursday, September 5, 2013


Amazon has a plan they call the KDP select.  It allows a member of their PRIME to borrow an e-book that is enrolled in the program to be read for free.  It also allows the author to create FREE promotional days; up to 5 days every three months.  Unless notified – they always renew a title in the program.  I’m trying to get out… some titles will be hooked into their exclusivity for the next sixty days.  Since I have 12 titles and a 13th on the way, I could be giving a book away almost every day. I choose not to because there are too many hoarders and not enough readers.  My previous post was all about the low-life individuals that receive free books and then have the audacity to criticize the author.   Certain novels I will never give away again.  Once they come out of the KDP Select, they won’t go back.  Others I may continue to offer for FREE.  MURDER IN PANAMA is one that I will offer from time to time.  CRYSTAL COWBOY is another.  Both of these novels are available in the next couple of days; on a limited basis.  A third novel, TRES PIEDRAS will be free on Sunday.

Most of my other work will be for sale at other retail points; my second choice for sales is: ePrinted books.

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