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Friday, August 2, 2013


One of the advantages of being a blog author (with no sponsors, advertisers, or paid subscribers,) is that I can switch topics, offer opinions and sometimes purposely piss off everyone.  There’s no way to keep me quiet if I feel strongly about a topic or condition -- I'M UNTAMED!
Writing novels is more of a hobby than a business.  The business model is full of flaws and the industry is corrupt.   Writing novels and being an INDIE is definitely a labor of love.

My background has always been business.  Over the years I developed a knack for spotting issues and problems in businesses, purchasing them and then repairing them and reselling. I developed a simple but effective system for managing employees (more on that topic at a later date).

 One doesn’t do forty of these ‘turn-a-rounds’ without noticing and appreciating the business models developed by enterprising entrepreneurs over the years. Once in a while a business model will come along that changes the way the world behaves; automobile, electricity, franchise food, mainframe computers, PC’s, air travel, cell phones, video games, the internet?  

Look at the modern world and see the advances for what they are; someone’s imagination and application.  Yes, everything you see is a result of personal innovation; an idea that germinated and sprouted in the human mind.  Then it was tested and applied to life as we know it. Once this idea became a product or service, someone else usually decided to use it and make it their own. (The copycat) If the originator (creator) didn’t build a decent business model, the copycat would prevail and make all the wealth.

Now, when enough ideas were stolen and used by a number of people; perhaps even a society, some dude writes them all down and calls it ‘a book of learning’. (notice I didn’t say all the ideas of smart people that were stolen) Then some other folks take this book and start what they define as education; reading contents of this book to interested people, some young – some old.

This process evolves into courses of study. These educators are seldom creators. They construct institutions to teach others by making rules.  Lots of rules, and policies, and more rules, and then they dictate the time required to study each subject.  Somewhere along the way someone says “we need diplomas and certificates” and then the government steps in and they make the skies black with more rules and laws.

So what do you get when the government and administrators take the reins of an organization?  FUBAR?


 There has been very little innovation in the field of education. Think about it!  Compare it to the computer industry, transportation, communication, entertainment or the current publishing industry.  The excuse most often used by the educators when challenged is: there’s so much more to learn now than there was when you went to school. Look all the technology! No shit, Sherlock. HELLO!!!

Where is all this leading?  Simple.  I have developed a learning system that can teach any subject in record time.  I’ve messed with it for the better part of four decades and decided last fall to implement the system.  It’s called ENFORCED MEMORIZATION TECHNIQUE. This system is very low tech.  No need for anything except the student should have a notebook and pencil. The courses can be taught anywhere; in the workplace, at home, a church, or under a shade tree.

I can teach a bi-lingual instructor how to take a small group (10 or less) of Spanish speakers that don’t know a word of English and have them at a basic level English in 6 weeks – eighteen two hour lessons.

This course is inexpensive – tailored to the lower scale working Panamanian. 

The instructor need not do any more than be trained (a two hour session)and administer the classes that have been pre-sold.  The instructor receives payment for each student in the class. (A class of 10 students generates revenue to the instructor at just shy of $18 per hour.)  The seats in the classes are pre-sold, and the teaching materials are provided by my company. The instructor’s only responsibility is to collect the money at the beginning of each week, issue receipts, and BE ON TIME – INSISTING THAT THE STUDENTS DO THE SAME!

Sounds simple and rewarding for everyone concerned doesn’t it?  There are many students I have personally taught with this system that are now conversing in English and about to graduate from a conventional intermediate class. 

HERE’S THE RUB…the FLY IN THE ointment…the turd in the punchbowl.

MY BUSINESS MODEL DOESN’T WORK BECAUSE I’m launching it in the wrong culture.  LATIN AMERICA!!

My first organizational meeting with potential instructors and salespeople was prior to Xmas last year (2012). I invited forty-four people. – Six persons attended the meeting.

Textbooks have been written and copyrighted; the teaching material has been printed, utilized and tested.  THE SYSTEM WORKS!

Thirty-seven (37) instructors agreed to meet with me to be instructed in how to teach this revolutionary memorization technique. These were one on one, eye to eye contact appointments made over the past seven months.  None – not one person who agreed to meet and get trained has shown up for their training. NONE!

Not making a scheduled appointment, not calling to cancel, not telling the truth…this is common in Panama.  Ninety-nine percent of the populace act this way.  I normally shrug and go on with my life without angst or stress – except in two areas.  MY HEALTH and MY ASPIRATIONS!

Rather than give-up or let my frustrations affect my health, I ran some internet advertisements in Asia; Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Manila. .  I’ve lived and travelled the Orient.  I have a basic feel for their culture.  It’s entirely different than Panama; 180 degrees different.

My ads were submitted in English and they gave a brief description of the opportunity and potential earnings. I received numerous responses from interested parties.  One in particular has been Skyping with me; learning the parameters of the system.  This lady is a home-care-giver in Hong Kong who speaks Chinese, Korean, English, and Vietnamese plus her native tongue, Tagolog.

Our Skype teaching/learning sessions were constantly being interrupted by bad connections.  I was considering sponsoring this woman for a visa.  I was waffling on the idea until I learned she was capable of giving me my Ozone injections.  This grain of knowledge came at a time when I had been stood-up by three (3) nurse/technicians scheduled to come to my house and give me the injections. None showed nor did they call.  I was at the end of my string. My health depends on these injections and since my dear friend Dimelza got married and moved to Panama City, I’ve been scratching to find a reliable technician.


I made a commitment last week to bring this woman to Panama.  She will be converting all my material to Chinese, Korean, and Tagolog.  While she is here, we will be calling on all the Chinese businesses in Panama. I expect we will be teaching many of the Chinese/Panamanians English using my technique. She will also be introduced to Ozone Therapy as she has agreed to provide my necessary injections.

Several of my close friends believe I am overreacting. I’m sure if I was in their position, I would think so, too.  HOWEVER, they don’t have the vision of what could change in the world of learning – I DO!

This isn’t about money; fortunes and fame.  THIS IS ABOUT CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE LEARN!!

Our world is a mess because the educational systems of most nations have failed.  Failed miserably! Perhaps I will be able to see my system take hold somewhere and start making a difference. It’s apparent to me after pushing a rock uphill for eight months it won’t begin in Chiriquí, Panama!

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