Thursday, August 22, 2013



The purpose of a vacation is to relax, to unwind, and to focus on what’s important; yourself. Usually a person has to escape the mundane of their day to day world to do this.

Since I live in Panama, I seldom need to go very far to change my environment; less than an hour to beach, mountains, jungle or swamps.  However, we have such good communications, I can never be totally out of touch.  SO -- Once in a while I head west; to Costa Rica.  Golfito is my favorite destination – close by but not tied to my personal grid. 

I spent several days away from my phone the internet and my writing.  I arranged deluxe accommodations offered by Golfito Marina Vista Villas.

Wow! What a fine surprise.  I was living in a furnished home; called a suite.  The third tier of a modern suite; totally furnished right down to the coffee and sugar. Absolutely 5 stars!

The views were superb, it is an easy walk to the center of town and most importantly -- EVERYTHING WORKS!

I could watch the happenings on the bay, on the street and the wildlife in the jungle behind me.
The photos speak for themselves.
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