Sunday, May 5, 2013



Today I added a new title to my Amazon Kindle store page.

TUCSON TERRITORY is not the title of a novel, it is the name on my single volume -- two period westerns, BOOMER & HALF-BREED. These period westerns are not related but they share a common timeline and locale; Tucson, Arizona Territory in the 1880’s.

As a side bar, TUCSON TERRITORY is the name of a Television pilot produced and directed by my friends Ed Wheeler and Jerry Woods. Ed is the highly talented photographer that provided me the b&w cover photo for HART RULES.  In my opinion, his b&w photography work compares or exceeds that of Ansel Adams.  Jerry Woods and his wife, Heather are actor friends of mine that are able to make a livable wage doing what they love the best; stunts…old fashioned western shoot ‘em up, knock ‘em down stunt work.

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