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Saturday, May 11, 2013


My scheduled post has been replaced by the following.
I was going to post a serious piece about the origins of my book covers.  Where the photos were taken and by whom; that sort of theme. 

That plan was derailed when I received a Skype call from my friend Billy (Werner J.) Egli, my writer friend from Zurich.  (Friends for over three decades.)  Billy, from Switzerland, writes in German. I've read three of his novels that were translated into English. He's an excellent writer.  I'm not certain but I believe he has seventy (70) books in print.  

His publisher just released his newest novel and he wanted to know if I’d seen it -- on his Face Book page.


I hadn’t…well I actually glanced at it but didn’t pay attention because I don’t read German and it looked like anything BUT a novel.  I went to his FB page while we were speaking face to face. HERE IS WHAT HE POSTED! And the following is almost a verbatim dialogue.

“Wow, Billy it looks like the wet spot on my sheets!  Is that sperm?" I asked. HILARIOUS KNEE SLAPPING LAUGHTER! 

“Yes, the book is about robbing a sperm Bank!" he answered.  ANOTHER ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHTER!

“Well done!  So, Billy… Are those are all your unborn children?" TEARS COMING FROM BOTH OF WE ARE LAUGHING SO HARD.

“You are SO irreverent! You damn cowboys!"  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

“Really, what is the book about?"  (almost serious)

“It’s about a writer that kills his editor.”  (tongue in cheek grin)

“So that cover is the crime scene?"  LAUGH ‘TILL YOU PUKE…by both of us…

“No, Hatting, that’s what happened to the editor after she chose that cover!”

There was more dialogue but you get the gist of the conversation.  What a hoot!  For both of us. 
Although Billy and I both write for a living, we approach our profession differently.  He lives in Europe and I’m in Panama.  I write in English.  He writes in German.  We do collaborate with story ideas from time to time and of course we inspire each other to persevere.  We’ve always been like long-distance brothers and have enjoyed the experiences of our lives. One common thread with us; WE DON’T TAKE LIFE SERIOUSLY!

Werner's new novel is actually about an author who kills his editor in a fit of rage and then stuffs her in the trunk of his car and continues with his scheduled book tour.  According to Billy “IT’S A HELLUVA STORY!” If you read German, check it out. WERNER J. EGLI. Face Book page.

Here’s Billy shortly before I met him; in the early 1970’s touring the Southwest observing and writing about cowboys.

 Here’s photo of me in 1973 -- Being a cowboy.

Here’s my rendition of Billy’s new novel cover…

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