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Everyone has to eat.  Groceries in Panama can be inexpensive to outrageous; depending on your tastes. If you try to replicate your meals from North America.  Two things are going to happen.  First you will be extremely disappointed in the variety and quality of the products imported from the USA and Canada.  Secondly, your grocery bill will be criminal in nature.  If you adjust your diet and cooking style to the local culture, you can eat very inexpensively. 

Anything grown or produced in Panama is inexpensive.  That includes rice, beans, sugar, rum, beer, and the vegetable and fruits grown on Baru Mountain. Potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, even strawberries are grown here in Chiriquí province.  They have trout and salmon farms as well as Tilapia and other aquatic life forms growing in contained environments.

Another great adventure in the modern-day Wild West, April 26, 2013
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This review is from: Partners (Kindle Edition)
Having read UNTAMED, I picked PARTNERS with much anticipation, expecting a sort of a sequel, a follow-up. I had definitely not enough of Curtis and RC, so another book that involved those two looked promising.

Well, disappointed I was not!

This book is not a sequel, but a stand-alone novel, yet it continues the story of both cowboys very smoothly, giving you a sense of a closure to both very likable people and their lives (even some of the 'bad guys' managed to catch my sympathy, which shows the talent of the author and the skillful way he developed his characters).

The story takes you on quite a few breathtaking adventures, providing you with just enough romance along the way. Both Curtis and RC are living to their standards from the previous book, but many new angles are added. It is a delight to follow some of their reckless adventures while discovering more of their personalities.

I definitely recommend this book. Five stars and more if I'm allowed ;)
Usually out your back door are a variety of fruits.  I have bananas, papaya, and lemons. Plus I have two varieties of bush peppers (one mild the other hotter than your little sister). I have aloe vera and cilantro growing wild…and I live in the city. Also in my yard is yucca and bush beans planted by my landlord.  Alfredo, my neighbor across from me has a mango and avocado tree. I won’t mention all the produce I get from my friends with farms…get your own friends. 

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