Saturday, April 20, 2013


My good friend Ray Samek and I go way back.  We were friends in High School.  We hunted and fished as well as played in a band together.  We stayed in touch over the years and I’m pleased to say he has read each of my novels.  Ray sent me a letter after reading my recent posts to my blog.  I asked him for permission to reprint a portion to refute those dopes that suggested I was stretching the truth in my back-stories.  My blood was still high and I was going to post Ray’s response as an authentication.  I cooled off later and decided to drop the issue and move on.  THEN, I received this latest letter from Ray… I was crying tears of laughter.  What a clever guy!! This is his response to my suggestion that he ‘join my blog’.


No problem with you posting an excerpt from my yesterday's email.
I am not sure how to join your blog and let others know about your scripts. I haven't got past emails to blogs yet. I caught a frog in my younger days but really don't know what a blog really is or how to post to one. My cardiologist says I have clog in my arteries but I think that is something else. I have a dog, cut up a log, been stuck in a bog, lost in the fog, replaced a cog, chased a hog and drank eggnog but never posted to a blog. I don't know if it is like taking a jog or really know what that means and what you do with one. I kind of sounds like something that might make pretty good bait.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter Ray wrote me yesterday:

Wow, I love the way your new blog looks. It really gives some background of your experiences that helps promote the fact that your books are based on some experiential reality. Otherwise one would not have a clue if they were just what you dreamt up on the crapper that morning or what. It really helps to get to know you, the author, and whether the book is really based on some reality or not.
If you don't realize it, your life is not like the average guy. I thought I have been an adventurer of sorts and have done a lot of things that the average citizen has only dreamed of...but your life's adventures are so far beyond mine and the average citizen's that people cannot fathom the depths of adventure and experiences that your stories are really based on. Your blog helps readers to get to know you and that you really have lived a life of adventure.

Thanks, Ray.  That really sums it up!

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