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Friday, March 23, 2012

e-Books, Panama, & Ozone Therapy

Amazon Kindle is by far the best retailer of my Novels and screenplays.  They outsell Barnes and Noble by 100 to 1.  Smashwords try but they come up way short of even Barnes and Noble.  I’m working with the owner of ePrinted books.  Steve reformatted all my novels so they look more professional.  He’s developing a Bookstore that pays authors 80% royalties and they get paid right away – when the book sells.  The final product is four weeks away.  I’m anxious to start promoting his site.

The indigenous people of Panama have been on the warpath lately. Their highway closures and Aero Perlis shutting down have really wreaked havoc on the flow of commerce between Chiriquí province and Panama City.  I have a solution; look at the 49th state of the USA.  A system similar of the ALASKA MARINE HIWAY (ferries that carry cargo, vehicles and passengers) would serve Panama on several fronts.  The system in time could have terminals at all the major ports in Panama and actually connect Puerto Armuelles to Bocas del Toro. After all, we do have a canal.  Consider the tourist aspect and then consider; how could a group of twenty pissed off people could stop the flow of commerce nine miles off shore? 

 Since Ozone therapy is such a part of my ongoing life, I paid for another back-up Ozone Generator.  It’s a duplicate of the one I presently own and it’s being shipped today.  I was able to recover from a heart attack almost a year ago by taking three injections per week of at least 40cc’s of ozone directly into a vein.  It cleared all the blockages and lowered my blood pressure considerably.  The Ozone and my heart healthy diet have allowed me a natural life for a guy my age. There have been instances in the last six months that some of my friends and acquaintances have rented my Ozone Generator to deal with their medical conditions; prostate problems, H-pylori, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, migraine headaches, and varicose veins.  So far they have all reported successful results.  I personally use the therapy in several ways.  I take a 55cc injection of the gas directly into my vein every seven to ten days to deal with the scar on my heart.    I’m removing the second cataract by using ozone water and an eye cup. (My first was removed in the same manner 5 years ago). I also purify my water with ozone.

For further information, follow these links:

Or you can write me for further information.  I’m not an expert or a doctor but I have been involved with Ozone therapy for the past ten years. Once my new machine arrives, I’ll feel more comfortable about allowing other folks to rent my unit.



  1. Is ozone directly to the vein dangerous?
    I had my sEcond treatment today and my lungs feel heavy and I need to cough after. Thanks!

    1. I take 55 cc into the vein every week just for preventive measures. It's not dangerous when you use the correct ozone generator and proper procedures.
      The lung/cough symptom is common.


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