Friday, February 17, 2012


For the past four months all of my novels and screenplays have been priced at 99 cents each. Sales increased but of course royalty revenue decreased. Last week I  raised the price on seven of my novels. My six screenplays and one novel are still priced at 99 cents. One may ask why I’m announcing the price increase -- I have 40 reasons – the 40 tykes at Nutre Hogar in Chiriqui, my charity of choice. More revenue means more help.

I recently attempted to convince some local commercial enterprises to pledge and pay a monthly amount, $25 to $30 and become corporate sponsors. I was met with negative responses or at the very best a non-commitment. I don’t understand the mind set. There are a lot of charities soliciting for money; from unwed mothers, orphans, to spay and neuter clinics. STARVING OR MALNOURISHED BABIES I would think should trump all other. Over the past five years I’ve spoken with a lot of the gringo community and some seem interested. However, there have been too many one-in-a-row participants and not enough dedicated individuals. Panama in not a third world country but the indigenous peoples of Panam represent third world mentality; prime examples of willful ignorance. Free education, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, government agencies, and private individuals all try to help these people. It doesn’t seem to help. These forty children at Nutre Hogar are all from that primitive culture. It’s a shame and the tykes are the ones that pay the price.

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