Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KINDLE – don’t leave home without it!

While planning for 2012 I began consolidating my personal papers and noticed the pages remaining in my personal planner. I was about to order another when I discovered a Daily planner available for my Kindle. I downloaded it along with a Daily Journal and Notepad.

I already use my Kindle for back-up internet using the G3; as an MP3 player as well as keeping all the user manuals for my computers, recipes, appliances, and other personal documents. Of course, I carry all seventeen books currently for sale on Amazon and B&N.

My Kindle memory stores over two hundred books from other authors as well as several samples from authors I’m intending to purchase. My archives include four hundred plus and counting.

With these three additional applications the Kindle becomes even more important in my life. I’ll be able to post short blurbs on Twitter and Face Book. Shoot, I may even write a novel using the Daily Journal. AIN’T TECHNOLOGY SWELL? AMAZON OR BARNES AND NOBLE.

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