Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do you have a witness to your life?

As most of my loyal readers know, I usually write from experience. The impressions I have for known events or processes keep my stories grounded in reality.

Recently I have been researching an idea for my book, REVOLUTION OF FOOLS. (the sequel to MURDER IN PANAMA) Without giving away the plot, I’m investigating a plausible method to bring large forces of Colombian and Venezuelan rebels into Panama– legally. I checked with local immigration and began to understand the processes. Coming to Panama from South America isn’t that easy. However, obtaining a visa to visit Panama is less arduous and faster if one gets a sponsor that resides in Panama. I considered the variety of ways for a rebel to obtain a sponsor. I slept on the dilemma and then it dawned on me…

There are thousands of innocent co-conspirators waiting with baited breath in on-line dating services. How do I know this? I joined one in order to understand the process.

WOW! What an awakening…thousands of lonely Panamanian women seeking the man of their dreams; from all ages – 21 to 75. So, I found the plausible method. Some handsome dude from Colombia or Venezuela answers an ad … throws some romantic sonnets her way and presto he has a sponsor for a tourist visa.

Well, now I know. Just like my recent heart attack, this is a first for me; an on-line dating service. The entire world can get a shot at getting into my heart, knickers or wallet. (At least for another week)

All kidding aside, it’s sad there are so many lonely folks out there. It just proves what my father related to me years ago when I asked him why he married.

“Son, everyone wants and needs a witness to their lives.”

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