Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Murder in Panama – Non Fiction

Folks close to me know that I’m currently writing a novel entitled Murder In Panama It’s a love story/mystery set right here in Chiriqui. Unfortunately, while I have had my head in my imagination, real murder is being committed by the folks that run Panama’s medical system by covering up the two dozen deaths (that they’re finally admitting to) caused by KPC*; add that to the couple of hundred deaths the government caused by making faulty medicine (DEG)**, and you have murder in grand proportions. How many people have to die for it to be called a massacre or genocide? Is there a number? I just read on today’s news that 30 people have been murdered (shot down***) in the past fifteen days. That’s a lot of folks dying in anyone’s neighborhood.

*(Klebsiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemases)

** (Diethylene Glycol)

*** (.357 Mag, 9mm, .45 cal auto)

The irony of all this is: the government of Panama is issuing a card to every tourist entitling them to FREE medical care while visiting Panama. Talk about Russian roulette!

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