Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boredom, Books, and Ozone Therapy

Almost two months has lapsed since my heart attack. My recovery is slow but sure. My diet had to change…it has and it is boring. Eating foods without sodium or salt is a much larger challenge than one would think; also a lot of work. I have to make everything from scratch like Grandma did; baking bread, muffins, biscuits, and soon making mayonnaise and mustard. Everything on the grocery shelves is loaded with sodium; to me it’s the same as arsenic.

In my spare time between lowering my blood pressure by camping in my hammock, I was able to finish the first draft of HALF-BREED, a period western set in southern Arizona. I’ll start the rewrite next week.

I feel better due to a regime of ozone therapy. I drink a half gallon of ozonated water every day and three times a week I’m injecting 25 to 35 cc’s of ozone gas directly into my blood stream. I expect to hold at 35 cc’s for another week and then advance to 50 cc’s each session until I finish in seven more weeks. For more information;

I’m confident that two months from now my Doctor will pronounce me healed.

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