Friday, October 9, 2009


This post has nothing to do with my writing or writing inventory except that I had to be away from my computer for a day to solve an ongoing problem with my mail. Because of the untrustworthiness of international mail, freight forwarding and mail forwarding companies have sprung up like dandolines in Latin America. I have been using one of these companies and had many issues with them in the past. (see previous posts)Airbox Express just recently severed ties with the warehouse and forwarding company (Aeropost) in Miami. Customers were not notified until after the fact. As a result of this "bad blood" split, one of my packages got caught in the crossfire. At this writing, no one, from either company, has the decency to deliver the package to me. Both companies are finger pointing and positioning themselves for a "day in court".  AirBox, the receiver of my mail, is allied with another forwarding company in the Miami area. They are requesting that we need to change our addresses to receive mail from them. The other company, Aeropost, notified me that I didn't need to change anything and they would have an office in Panama within a week. It appears to me that both companies are run by business rookies. They really didn't think this through. This transition could have been done seamlessly, and the customer base maintained by Airbox as they phased out the background provider.Now, since I have to notify over forty contacts of my new address, why would I continue with a company that demonstrates such a weak business model? On the other hand, I might be able to stay with Aeropost and not have to change anything except the location of my mail pick-up. NEVER! From what they have demonstrated so far, their business ethics are almost nonexistent. Lie to me once, shame on you! Lie to me twice, shame on me! AEROPOST -- I'm Gone!I'm currently researching other companies to see if they are viable. (stability is my main concern -- not price) Within a week, I'm certain that I can locate another mail forwarding company. Then begins the management task of contacting my contacts. Damn, there's something I don't relish. (another day of un-productivity) Meanwhile, I'll watch these other two companies. I predict in time they will fail. Especially if there is a viable option for AirBox customers. As for those folks at Aeropost, they need a crash course in business ethics. Karma in the business world is slow but sure. However in these trying times, sometimes a stupid mistake made by rookie managers will bury a company in a matter of months. Good luck, you sophmoric morons!

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