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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My last post was on October 9th.  Today is the 13th. The Airbox-Aeropost debacle continues.  At this writing, my package is still in limbo.  Will it ever arrive? I somehow doubt it.
I have researched several alternatives to mail forwarding and have yet to find a suitable replacement.  The companies that provide the retail delivery system here in Panama do not have control over their suppliers -- the ones who actually receive the mail/packages and forward to the central clearing in Panama.  In my humble opinion, this is a sorry business model!  Why would anyone sell services when they can't control the root service?  My opinion aside, this doesn't solve my problem.  It's necessary for most Ex-Patriots to have a permenate mailing address.  I will continue turning over rocks to find THE BEST OF THE WORST. On a lighter note:  I have finished the Curtis/RC movie trilogy.  I'm editing and polishing every day.  They should be available for review in a couple of weeks.  Also, I have begun a new screenplay which is set in Panama.  This is my first attempt at a new genre -- not my usual action/adventure.Another posting, soon.Bob

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