Thursday, December 26, 2013


Panama is a great place to live. I love it here — the weather, the people, the beauty, and of course the prices in comparison to the rest of the world. That being said, doing business in Panama or attempting to build something can cause heart seizures.
It’s disconcerting to me to realize that my adopted country, Panama, is the absolute definition of the phrase, WILLFUL IGNORANCE. The government actually endorses and fosters this attitude toward those character traits. No time of the year is this WI (willful Ignorance) more prevalent than the holiday season. Panama begins their holidays the first part of November; celebrating all manners of historical events. Then Mothers day… then more celebrations of historical events and finally the Xmas season — through January 1st. Soon thereafter, there are the carnivals... Another reason to party. Each year it’s the same. The same parades, the same food, the same music and the same rituals. Also the productivity is the same — low to none. Attempting to get anything accomplished during this period; November to April is almost impossible. In North America and Europe, the slack time begins just before Thanksgiving and ends the day after New Year. Productivity is almost nil during those times as well. Now -- double it. That’s Panama.

Any one wishing to construct a home or commercial building during these months — November to April, (the dry season — the best weather for construction) is looking at frustrating times. Even the highest rated contractors have no control over their employees, subcontractors, or suppliers during these months.

I was asked by several people why I was establishing my Ozone Generator business somewhere other than Panama. After living here almost 10 years, the thought makes me shudder at the failure which would ensue. I’m manufacturing a precise medical style instrument. To entrust the manufacture, assembly or even the shipping to some of this Willful Ignorance culture would be akin to programmed failure. I’ve tried several businesses here in Panama. They all languished because of this WI factor.
I’ll continue to live in Panama after my forays into various other countries to establish the manufacturing and assembly of my Ozone Generators. Like I said at the top of this posting. I like living in Panama.

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