Thursday, March 21, 2013


By chance I discovered there was a problem with the formatting on my novel MURDER IN PANAMA.  My friend downloaded the book to her Kindle and the letters were cut off in the left and right margins. 

I immediately checked my own Kindle and could see it was okay. Something had happened at Amazon.  Further research proved me correct.  When Amazon released their ‘Fire’, they made some formatting changes. As an Indie author/publisher, it’s my responsibility to be aware of these changes as they’re announced. I hadn’t paid attention.

Whew! All along I thought my Jimmy Hart series was just a dud.  No one was buying the books; MURDER IN PANAMA is the first of the series. Why would a reader buy the second in the series if they couldn’t read the first?  Duhhhhh? 

So I decided to investigate all my published work.  The first one I checked was my best seller, ALASKA BE DAMNED.  The margins were okay but it had been justified and all the excess spaces between sentences had been removed. I checked the version on my Kindle.  Sure enough, my version was left justified and had the ragged right.  Also where there was a scene change, in the old version, a space between paragraphs was used to break the scene/time.  In the newest justified version, the spaces had been removed and they all ran together; confusing and non professional.  I spent last night changing that and included **** instead of spaces to break the scenes.
I sincerely apologize to all who have purchased either of the above mentioned novels.  They have been repaired and according to my test;’ buying and downloading on my Kindle, are good to go. FYI, I am currently looking at the balance of my work.  Stand by for further reports.      

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