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Friday, August 31, 2012


The power is off, the cable and internet are down, and I only have two and a half hours of laptop battery remaining.  I believe it’s enough to begin a new novel.  One which is contra to my normal technique; building a base story with a story boards, developing a broad brush outline, and finally, going through the outline and weaving in the two or three underlying stories.  I usually know how a book will end before I even write the prologue. 
This novel, which I will entitle SHOOTER, is not going through those tedious but usually successful steps.  I have a mental picture of the primary story in my mind and have done most of the research.  Using only the fuzzy concept to guide my way to the end, I’ll begin the book.  Let’s see where it goes…like shooting from the hip. (Pardon the pun).

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