Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I normally don’t comment on sporting events; most don’t affect my life one whit.

I enjoy watching certain sports.  I’m a baseball fan, I like some professional American football and I’m enthusiastic about Rodeo, Boxing and Bullfighting.  I try and watch some of the tennis grand slam tournaments as well.

This year, Wimbledon, is an all out cluster F…k! My take on this “Traditional” grass court event was never opinionated except for the repulsive uniforms of the officials, linesmen, and ball boys. 

This year, however, their judgment calls regarding dealing with the rain and their convertible center court, their start and stop times demonstrates why there is no longer a British Empire.  Great Britain (oxymoron?) is hosting the Olympics that begin in just a few weeks.  I suspect if Wimbledon, a professional event, can used as an example, the Olympics will be FUBAR! 

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