Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Whether we admit to it or not, writers are part of the entertainment industry.  Every word uttered in a play, a song, a commercial, or a movie is the result of someone penning it on paper.  Every lecture on history or a documentary on a particular event or situation has been scripted by someone or adapted from a book.  Even so-called reality shows are scripted.  Political speeches are seldom written by the politician; someone writes every letter of every word.
All that being said, it’s galling to see most authors; especially fiction writers ducking the “Tag” entertainer. Personally, I like the tag.  I’m entertained when I write the story; even entertained when I’ve read it for the fortieth time. When I’m really entertained is when I’m releasing a new novel or screenplay.  That’s happening in several days.  REVOLUTION OF FOOLS, the second of my Jimmy Hart series will be released within a week.  MURDER IN PANAMA has been moderately successful.  Not earth shattering but it remains in the top ten percent of Amazon e-book sales.  Hopefully REVOLUTION OF FOOLS will receive that same moderate success.

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