Monday, December 12, 2011


Yep, Xmas is drawing near. Personally, I don’t care for the holidays. I won’t list the many reasons; just one – SHOPPING. Gad, what a pain! This year like last…I’ll shop from my computer. Everyone on my Xmas list (all three) will get one of my e-books as a gift. ( I HAVE 8 NOVELS AND 6 SCREENPLAYS PUBLISHED + 1 NON-FICTION BUSINESS BOOK.)

I’d like you to consider giving my e-books for gifts. They can be downloaded on just about every PDA device imaginable including a PC or Mac. The Kindle and Nook each sport new models as well as the Ipad and a host of tablets and smartphones; all capable of accepting e-book downloads. THE PRICE FOR MOST OF MY WORK IS 99 CENTS! That’s right, less than a dollar.

There are a variety of genre’s; from period Western’s to contemporary Action/Adventure and Romantic Comedies. They are all available on and Barnes and Just click on either of the two URL’s and it will take right to my page.




Robert Hatting

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