Saturday, October 29, 2011


I usually avoid discussing politics and religion. But I have to comment on this latest political free trade treaty between the US and Panama. I guess mostly I have a question: WHAT BENEFIT DOES PANAMA GET OUT OF THIS TREATY?

I’ve asked a lot of people; ExPat and Panamanian. No has given me an answer.

NAFTA killed the small farming industry in Mexico and I suspect the same will happen here in Panama.

Be prepared for the giant US agribusinesses to start dumping all their genetically engineered, hormone enhanced, steroidal beef, pork and chicken plus other farm products into the mainstream of the Panamanian food cycle. This can’t be good for Panama. Where’s the upside? A less expensive D-9 Cat or a deluxe Amana appliance?

Please, somebody explain because I’m bewildered. It appears to me that it’s a one way treaty. What can Panama sell to the US? Tropical fruits and vegetables? Coffee? Raspadura?

I don’t get it…someone please explain.

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  1. Hi,
    As a Panamanian living overseas and after reading your thinking, well, it seems you have stated what I thought too but I am far from familiar with the details of this agreement. The raspadura might not work tough.


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