Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As many of you know, I have several books written and residing on and Barnes & Noble. They are for sale but not selling well. I recently donated three months of my royalties to a local charity and was ashamed of the results. Therefore I need to start promoting my work. I don’t think my books are horrible, just undiscovered. Remember the Daisy chain? I’ve chosen one novel and priced it so low it’s ridiculous. However, if I can move one novel to the top 1000 in the Amazon rating system, perhaps some of the others will follow. If you’re interested, it will cost you a bit of time and 99 cents.

Daisy chain Instructions:

This is a simple way to extend the purchase/readership of one of my eBooks. We are going to start a Daisy Chain. This Daisy Chain is not illegal or expensive.

I will gift you my eBook, Crystal Cowboy. The gift will come from You do NOT need a kindle to accept this electronic file. Mac, PC, Android, any tablet and even a blackberry can accept this gift. Note: I said gift. All I ask is that you go to and gift it to someone else.

The price of CRYSTAL COWBOY IS only 99 cents. Make certain recipients either have or can obtain an Amazon account – a debit or credit card is required.

The daisy chain needs to perpetuate itself to make this work. Please help if you can. You don’t even have to read the book. Just pass it on. You have the option of reading the book later. The secret of this program is timing; the sooner, the better.

Thanks for your efforts,

Robert Hatting

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