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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Synopsis for "Partners" by Robert Wayne

a contemporary western novel
Robert Wayne

Riding partners, Curtis Dawson and RC Bellars, suddenly cast into the realities of modern life, strive to maintain their independent lifestyle. Unsuited for work other than livestock management, the out of work cowboys turn to prospecting for gold on the Mexican Border. Their new endeavor fails when the pair is ambushed by the infamous bandit, Malvado Rojo. Curtis and RC stumble and fumble through all manners of peril. They’re robbed, shot, beaten, kidnapped, and betrayed. Somehow they maintain their humor, and surprisingly find true love with women who were once considered forbidden fruit.
This fast paced action romance, laced with western mores, cowboy lingo, and bawdy humor, tests the infinite trust developed between two partners as they battle a crafty bandit and his gang, an incompetent and unscrupulous lawman, and their inner needs for independence.
Tag along as Curtis and RC morph from out of work cowhands into desperate and inept bounty hunters.

Robert Wayne writes from personal experience. As an ‘Army Brat,’ and adult vagabond, Mr. Wayne has lived an eclectic and adventurous life in many parts of the world. His maternal roots, a ranch in Eastern Oregon, contrasted and complimented his worldly upbringing. Journalist, Robert Wayne chronicles portions of his life experiences in a fictional format.

You may purchase an e-book version for $4.00 by contacting me by e-mail.

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